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Are you handy and want to save some money on creating a new radiant heating system for your home or shop? Our do-it-with-help protocol provides you with expertise assistance in the design of your system and gives you easy and affordable product options to choose from. We take the research and guess work out of your hands and help guide you through the process from start to finish. Best of all (with a minimum purchase), we do not charge for this service.

Step 1:Floor Plan

Submit your final floor plan and answer a few basic questions. By providing us with a copy of your floor plan, we can perform the required system calculations and design the optimal radiant tube layout. We will communicate with you via phone or email to ensure the layout approval including determining any heating zones you may want to control independently from one another.

Floor Plan Submission

Step 2: Pricing Quotes

a) Following approval of the design, we will provide you with a quote for all the products needed for the “concrete phase” and/or “above grade” part of the project. This includes the chosen panels needed for your system (ie. EZ Floor or Rad Board) along with the Pex tubing as well as the pressure test kit (as applicable) or other supplies needed during this phase.

b) We will also provide you with a quote for system you will need “above floor” to route the water and control your heating system. This includes PEX lines (above ground), fittings and remote manifolds in addition to what we refer to as the radiant heat control panel. We will GUIDE YOU on how to connect these items to your floor lines and the control panel.

You can choose to move forward with all or even a part of a quote depending upon your needs. Let us know and we can move to the next step.

Note: The fee for the "design" without purchase or if you don't meet our minimum purchase requirement ($1,350) is $200.

Step 3: Payment

To keep our prices down, all quotes are based on a cash/check payment type. We will send you an electronic invoice that you can click to pay directly from your bank account. We can accept credit card for an additional 2% fee. We require a 50% deposit with 100% of the order paid prior to shipment or delivery.

Step 4: What YOU get (besides your products, of course!)

  • We will provide you with a 11 x 17 laminated design and specific cut sheet detailing out the amount of tubing (ie. PEX) you need for each run.
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Free consultation during your project
  • Save $$green$$!