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Rad Board Ultimate Track Rad Board Ultimate Track

2' x 2' Ultimate Track Rad Board panel. The Ultimate Track panel is a 3/4" thick aluminum-backed panel with curved and straight tracks allowing you to maintain 8" on center curved and straight patterns designed for 1/2" PEX or PE-RT radiant tubing. The Ultimate board allows for maximum flexibility in routing your tubing and is used along walls or where turns will be needed. Tracks securely hold tubing in place and provide a flush finish allowing for easy installation of your floor covering.

Common floor coverings include tile, laminate, engineered wood, hardwood, vinyl and carpet. Consult the floor covering instructions for the correct installation over radiant flooring products.

Use the Ultimate Track Rad Board panel in combination with our Straight and Distribution Track panels to complete your above sub-floor installation. Our complimentary design service is included with a minimum purchase and will allow us to calculate the layout of the panels needed for your floor plan.

Our price: $15.96
Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - 48 Volt Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - 48 Volt

Iron Edison Nickel Iron Industrial Series Batteries - 48 Volt for Renewable Energy and Backup Power Applications.

SimpliPhi PHI 3.5 Smart-Tech Battery SimpliPhi PHI 3.5 Smart-Tech Battery

SimpliPhi Lithium Ferro Phosphate are perhaps the longest lasting maintenance free battery on the market today.

Our price: $3,195.00